Re: [css3-regions] offsetParent for element collected inside a named flow

On 3/25/13, Alan Stearns <> wrote:
> On 3/25/13 9:42 AM, "Garrett Smith" <> wrote:
>>On 3/25/13, Andrei Bucur <> wrote:
>>> With regions, this is more complicated because an element gets to
>>>occupy a
>>> certain space inside the viewport because of both the flow layout and
>>> layout. I can imagine there are situations when developers want to
>>> the offsetParent relative to the flow in some contexts and the visual
>>> offsetParent relative to the regions in other contexts.
>>Nobody who knows what they are doing would want to use offsetParent.
>>The problems with this festering property have continued because it
>>was specified normatively.
> So your recommendation would be not to make any changes to these
> attributes, because they aren't reliable anyway?
Yeah, leaving it alone might be a good call at this point. THough I
haven't retested all the latest implementations so I'm not sure what
they're doing now.

I think the spec should mention that offsetParent, offsetLeft, and
offsetTop have been implemented inconsistently; developers should
instead use getBoundingClientRect.

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Thanks for asking.
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