[css3-transforms] UA supporting only 2D transforms


Itís been discussed on this list a few times here but I donít remember 
if there was a conclusion. More importantly, I canít find a definitive 
answer in the ED.

What should an UA do if it only wants to support or can only support 2D 

The "Partial implementations" section seems to indicate that any 
'transform' property declaration or attribute value should be considered 
invalid if it contains a 3D functions. (2D and 3D functions already are 
in different spec section, so thatís good.)

Similarly, I suppose that the 'transform-style', 'perspective', 
'perspective-origin' and 'backface-visibility' are ignored. Or should 
the values that establish a stacking context still do that?

The more tricky part is transform-origin with three values. Should a 
3-value declaration be invalid? Or should the third just be ignored?

Simon Sapin

Received on Saturday, 23 March 2013 19:40:32 UTC