[css3-page] Flexbox algorithm for page-margin box layout


Compared to the previous one in 2006, the latest WD changes the layout 
of page-margin boxes in the "variable dimension" to be much more 
realistic to implement:


Still, itís been said in recent threads to be much more complicated than 
it should be, especially given that this algorithm is only used for a 
very specific purpose. I agree, but I am not sure of how to simplify it 
while still having it do the "right thing" by default.

One option that has been suggested is to use flexbox. Each side of the 
four page margin (eg. the top) would be have flex container, and the 
three page-margin boxes that share that side (eg. @top-left, @top-center 
and @top-right) would be flex items.

Is it possible with such a setup to have @top-center be centered by 
default, even if all three boxes all have a different amount of content, 
but still roughly distribute the space proportionally to the amount of 

Simon Sapin

Received on Monday, 25 March 2013 13:06:29 UTC