from January to March 2015 by thread

IndieUI Teleconference Agenda; 1 April at 21:00Z Janina Sajka (Tuesday, 31 March)

[Bug 28373] New: FilePropertyBag can inherit from BlobPropertyBag (Monday, 30 March)

Obsolete Document Gulfaraz Yasin (Thursday, 26 March)

Re: File Save As Florian Bösch (Sunday, 29 March)

charter template for Community Group used by a large Working Group Wayne Carr (Sunday, 29 March)

[Bug 26238] [new feature] Add follow redirects back (Friday, 27 March)

[Bug 28353] New: [Shadow]: Use a parent/child relationship in the composed tree for some elements, i.e. <ol>/<li> (Friday, 27 March)

RE: CfC: publish Proposed Recommendation of Web Messaging; deadline March 28 Travis Leithead (Thursday, 26 March)

[Shadow] Q: Removable shadows (and an idea for lightweight shadows)? Travis Leithead (Thursday, 26 March)

[websockets] Test results available Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 26 March)

[Screen Orientation] nit for the case when the screen width and height are equal Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu(吕康豪) (Thursday, 26 March)

[Bug 28332] New: Remove any border and padding from fullscreen iframes (Wednesday, 25 March)

[Bug 27552] Make execCommand("InsertImage", false, "") insert an img element with no src attribute (Monday, 23 March)

[gamepad]-Demo 个人 (Monday, 23 March)

[Bug 27552] Make execCommand("InsertImage", false, "") insert an img element with no src attribute (Monday, 23 March)

[XHR] UTF-16 - do content sniffing or not? Hallvord Reiar Michaelsen Steen (Sunday, 22 March)

Re: Proposal for a Permissions API Florian Bösch (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 27558] Specify MouseEvent.which (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 27337] For synthetic activation, should the original event still be dispatched? (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 25927] Specify the Event Loop integration for various non-deprecated events, incl. hit testing (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 26218] When .getModifierState("OS") should be true? (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 25844] Clarify or change the use of "default action" to avoid confusion (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 25967] Testing DOM L3 Events (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 27129] [D3E-key]: Separator (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 25485] D3E and corelation with DOM4(W3C)/DOM(WHATWAG) and DOM3 Core (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 26141] [D3E-Key] Needs more explicit explanation of "MediaSelect", "LaunchMediaPlayer" and "MediaApps" (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 28119] Reference to createEvent("FocusEvent") (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 27827] Need to remove input/beforeinput event info from D3E and point to input event spec (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 26227] Define that click doesn't fire on disabled elements (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 25968] Needs clearer definition of virtual keyboard's KeyboardEvent.code value if it doesn't emulate physical key event completely (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 27333] Most user agents (Chrome, Firefox) seem to distinguish between space and enter. Enter submits the form, even for radio buttons, space selects the checkbox. (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 28029] Mouse coordinates represented in CSS pixels do not account for retina displays with window.devicePixelRatio > 1. (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 25928] Converge with CSSOM-View (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 26611] [Proposal] Add "Zoom" event (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 27825] DOM Level 3 KeyboardEvent key Values specification does not include core key values (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 27996] [D3E-code] KeyboardEvent code spec should have featurephone section (Saturday, 21 March)

CfC: publish Proposed Recommendation of Web Messaging; deadline March 28 Arthur Barstow (Saturday, 21 March)

[Bug 28246] New: [Shadow]: Disable event capturing through a ShadowRoot (Friday, 20 March)

[appmanifest] appropriate use of ACI [I18N-ISSUE-417] Phillips, Addison (Thursday, 19 March)

[appmanifest] No direction metadata for 'name' (etc.) [I18N-ISSUE-416] Phillips, Addison (Thursday, 19 March)

[appmanifest] No language metadata for 'name' [I18N-ISSUE-415] Phillips, Addison (Thursday, 19 March)

[appmanifest] No means of obtaining correctly localized manifest [I18N-ISSUE-414] Phillips, Addison (Thursday, 19 March)

[appmanifest] No localized examples [I18N-ISSUE-413] Phillips, Addison (Thursday, 19 March)

[appmanifest] No localization model [I18N-ISSUE-412] Phillips, Addison (Thursday, 19 March)

I18N comments on "Manifest for Web applications" Phillips, Addison (Thursday, 19 March)

[Bug 27222] [Shadow]: Define how attributes are handled in shadow DOM (Wednesday, 18 March)

IndieUI Teleconference Agenda; 18 March at 21:00Z Janina Sajka (Tuesday, 17 March)

Access to localhost to be outlawed? Anders Rundgren (Tuesday, 17 March)

[Bug 28211] New: [Shadow]: A syntax for loading/parsing shadow trees directly from HTML (Friday, 13 March)

[Shadow] URL-based shadows? Travis Leithead (Friday, 13 March)

Re: CfC: publish WG Note of UI Events; deadline November 14 Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 12 March)

template namespace attribute proposal Benjamin Lesh (Thursday, 12 March)

FYI: IETF Token Binding Working Group formed (tokbind) Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 11 March)

Extending HTMLCanvasElement in Custom Element issue Халитов Кирилл (Wednesday, 11 March)

[UIEvents] telecon minutes 10 March 2015 Travis Leithead (Wednesday, 11 March)

Standardizing autocapitalize Mounir Lamouri (Tuesday, 10 March)

IndieUI Teleconference Agenda; 18 March at 21:00Z Janina Sajka (Tuesday, 10 March)

[Bug 28185] New: [Shadow]: TextNode should have getDestinationInsertionPoints() (Tuesday, 10 March)

[Bug 28158] New: [Custom]: inflexible extends as fixed element type (Saturday, 7 March)

[Bug 28157] New: [Shadow]: Link to CSS Scoping module spec? (Saturday, 7 March)

Manifest for web application privacy review Nick Doty (Friday, 6 March)

[Bug 28117] New: Clarify timeout in case Preflighted CORS requests (Sunday, 1 March)

Re: Pointer lock spec Vincent Scheib (Thursday, 26 February)

[manifest] I18N review in progress Phillips, Addison (Thursday, 26 February)

[admin] Registration for April 24 2015 Web Components f2f meeting; deadline April 10 Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 24 February)

[Bug 28092] New: [Custom]: Clarify in informative note that cloning/importing also enqueues created callback (Tuesday, 24 February)

[Bug 28086] New: [Shadow] (assuming iframes should work inside shadow DOM) Should the contentWindow objects of iframes in shadow DOM show up in window.frames? (Monday, 23 February)

Custom elements: synchronous constructors and cloning Anne van Kesteren (Monday, 23 February)

[Bug 28079] New: [Shadow]: inappropriate reference to CSS3-UI nav-index spec in focus navigation order (Monday, 23 February)

[Bug 28069] New: [Shadow]: Should Text.getDestinationInsertionPoints() be specified? (Saturday, 21 February)

[Bug 28067] New: DOMStringList has been removed from DOM (Saturday, 21 February)

Standardising canvas-driven background images Ashley Gullen (Friday, 20 February)

CORS explained simply (Thursday, 19 February)

WebPortable/PlatformProprietary - An Established Concept Anders Rundgren (Thursday, 19 February)

CORS performance proposal Anne van Kesteren (Thursday, 19 February)

[Bug 28054] New: Focus on shadow host should slide to its inner focusable node (Thursday, 19 February)

Mozilla on Privileged Hosted Apps Anders Rundgren (Wednesday, 18 February)

Web Components F2F in April 2015 Dimitri Glazkov (Wednesday, 18 February)

[Bug 28051] [imports]: showing <dialog> from import (Wednesday, 18 February)

Showing <dialog> from HTML import Ashley Gullen (Wednesday, 18 February)

[WebCrypto.Next] Any ideas on how to proceed? Anders Rundgren (Wednesday, 18 February)

CORS performance Anne van Kesteren (Tuesday, 17 February)

Is clearUndo() in UndoManager the wrong way round? Simon (Saturday, 14 February)

Running trusted code in the untrusted web - A writeup Anders Rundgren (Tuesday, 17 February)

[Bug 28031] New: Does the destination insertion points include Shadow IP without older trees? (Monday, 16 February)

The futile war between Native and Web Anders Rundgren (Sunday, 15 February)

[Bug 28008] New: [Shadow] Should "Events that are Always Stopped" include destination insertion points? (Friday, 13 February)

RfC: Manifest for web application; review deadline March 5 Arthur Barstow (Friday, 13 February)

Base Template (Was Re: Minimum viable custom elements) Ryosuke Niwa (Thursday, 12 February)

Thread-Safe DOM // was Re: do not deprecate synchronous XMLHttpRequest Marc Fawzi (Wednesday, 11 February)

[clipboard] Feature detect Clipboard API support? James M. Greene (Wednesday, 11 February)

IETF seeking feedback on proposed "Token Binding" Working Group Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 11 February)

[DOM3Events/UIEvents] Minutes from 10 Feb 2015 teleconference Travis Leithead (Wednesday, 11 February)

[Bug 27994] New: [Shadow]: Distribution result usage examples (Tuesday, 10 February)

[Bug 27986] New: Specify exact length of array returned by Navigator.getGamepads() (Monday, 9 February)

[Bug 27978] New: [Custom]: attachedCallback has no protocol for indicating that the custom tag is not applicable in this context (Saturday, 7 February)

[Bug 27977] New: [Custom]: mixin pattern: custom elements should be able to extend any base tag with is= (Saturday, 7 February)

[Bug 27976] New: [Custom]: type extensions should be available as custom tags, not only through <baseTag is="..."> (Saturday, 7 February)

[Bug 27975] New: [Custom]: No way to unregister a component (Saturday, 7 February)

[webcomponents]: Let's reach consensus on Shadow DOM Dimitri Glazkov (Friday, 6 February)

do not deprecate synchronous XMLHttpRequest Gregg Tracton (Thursday, 5 February)

[IndexedDB] When is an error event dispatched at a transcation? Glen Huang (Thursday, 5 February)

Allow custom headers (Websocket API) Michiel De Mey (Thursday, 5 February)

[Bug 27965] New: [Shadow]: Shadow host with tabindex=-1, all descendent tree should be ignored for tab navigation (Thursday, 5 February)

Are web components *seriously* not namespaced? Glen (Wednesday, 4 February)

Ted Dinklocker Introduction Ted Dinklocker (Tuesday, 3 February)

PSA: publishing new WD of Service Workers on February 5 Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 3 February)

IndieUI Teleconference Agenda; 4 February at 22:00Z for 60 minutes Janina Sajka (Tuesday, 3 February)

[IndexedDB] link to Editor's draft is a 404 Tobie Langel (Monday, 2 February)

[clipboard API] platform integration stuff - in spec or out of scope? Hallvord Reiar Michaelsen Steen (Saturday, 31 January)

[Bug 27931] New: Override 'flex' and 'transform' styling (Friday, 30 January)

=[xhr] LOUIFI, Bruno (Thursday, 29 January)

Security use cases for packaging Yan Zhu (Thursday, 29 January)

CfC: publish Wide Review Draft of Manifest for web application; deadline Feb 5 Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 29 January)

Custom elements and the HTML parser Anne van Kesteren (Thursday, 29 January)

[Bug 27915] New: Clients of WebSockets are not NTP synced (and there is no NTP-alike spec) (Wednesday, 28 January)

[DOM3Events/UIEvents] Minutes from 27 Jan 2015 teleconference Travis Leithead (Wednesday, 28 January)

[Bug 27914] New: [Custom]: Typo instantation ---> instantiation (Wednesday, 28 January)

Fwd: Getting to Zaragoza (may be harder) (Monday, 26 January)

[WebSocket API]: Missing request header fields option Martin Altenstedt (Sunday, 25 January)

FYI: Change in my affiliation Arthur Barstow (Friday, 23 January)

<webview> API common subset 陳侃如 (Friday, 23 January)

[Bug 26181] Spec should specify the presentation of the array returned by navigator.getGamepads() w.r.t "holes" (Thursday, 22 January)

[Bug 27876] New: [Shadow] It is not defined what event.path actually should return (Wednesday, 21 January)

[D3E/UIEvents] Transferring related Bugzilla bugs to github issues Travis Leithead (Wednesday, 21 January)

IndieUI Teleconference Agenda; 21 January at 22:00Z for 60 minutes Janina Sajka (Tuesday, 20 January)

Feedback needed for April 2015 face-to-face location by *January 27, 2015* Philippe Le Hegaret (Tuesday, 20 January)

[Bug 27865] New: Interaction issues between fullscreen and <dialog> (Tuesday, 20 January)

[Bug 27863] New: Not need to specify moving element in top layer and fullscreen stack (Tuesday, 20 January)

Range.getClientRanges()? Justin Fagnani (Thursday, 15 January)

RfC: Manifest for web application Arthur Barstow (Friday, 16 January)

[Bug 27844] New: [Shadow]: Element.createShadowRoot() throws an exception for some elements (Friday, 16 January)

oldNode.replaceWith(...collection) edge case Glen Huang (Friday, 16 January)

Re: CfC: publish FPWD of Packaging on the Web; deadline November 3 Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 15 January)

[Bug 27836] New: Scripts in HTML Imports should be scoped to the import (treat imports as script modules) (Thursday, 15 January)

[Bug 27835] New: registerElement() should be scoped to modules (Wednesday, 14 January)

IME API… (Wednesday, 14 January)

Minimum viable custom elements Anne van Kesteren (Wednesday, 14 January)

Better focus support for Shadow DOM 河内 隆仁 (Wednesday, 14 January)

[Bug 27829] New: [Shadow]: Update ShadowRoot to have elementsFromPoint and caretPositionFromPoint (Wednesday, 14 January)

[Bug 25223] IDB exposes GC behavior (Tuesday, 13 January)

[Bug 27712] IndexedDB: Array comparison algorithm doesn't handle empty arrays (Tuesday, 13 January)

[Bug 27823] New: We should consider dropping [NoInterfaceObject] from XMLHttpRequestEventTarget (Tuesday, 13 January)

[Bug 27709] Dictionary MouseEventInit uses keyword attribute for its members (Tuesday, 13 January)

Re: [Bug 27709] New: Dictionary MouseEventInit uses keyword attribute for its members Vincent Scheib (Tuesday, 13 January)

Re: element.onresize Spirit (Tuesday, 13 January)

Adopting a Custom Element into Another Document Ryosuke Niwa (Tuesday, 13 January)

[Selection] Support of Multiple Selection (was: Should selection.getRangeAt return a clone or a reference?) Ben Peters (Monday, 12 January)

Custom element design with ES6 classes and Element constructors Domenic Denicola (Sunday, 11 January)

Re: [Pointer Lock] Comments Vincent Scheib (Friday, 9 January)

[Bug 26904] Introduce typedef for IDBKeyPath, use it (Friday, 9 January)

Shadow tree style isolation primitive Anne van Kesteren (Friday, 9 January)

PSA: Indexed Database API is a W3C Recommendation Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 8 January)

Custom element lifecycle callbacks Anne van Kesteren (Thursday, 8 January)

[Manifest] Navigation Scope is unclear (Thursday, 8 January)

[Bug 27785] New: [Shadow]: broken link in draft spec section 9.3 (Thursday, 8 January)

[Bug 27780] New: [Custom]: "All Algorithms in One Diagram" (Wednesday, 7 January)

FYI: Deep linking Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 7 January)

Defining a constructor for Element and friends Anne van Kesteren (Wednesday, 7 January)

[Bug 27775] New: [Shadow]: Define the behavior of *closed* shadow trees. (Wednesday, 7 January)

[Selection] Should selection.getRangeAt return a clone or a reference? Ryosuke Niwa (Tuesday, 6 January)

IndieUI Teleconference Agenda; 7 January at 22:00Z for 60 minutes Janina Sajka (Tuesday, 6 January)

Re: Spring meeting in Paris? Ryosuke Niwa (Tuesday, 6 January)

[Bug 27770] New: [Custom]: Improve the wording in element upgrade algorithm (Tuesday, 6 January)

[Bug 27769] New: [Custom]: ES6 section needs to be updated (Tuesday, 6 January)

[Bug 27768] New: [Custom]: "Parsing Custom Elements" (Tuesday, 6 January)

[Bug 27544] [IndexedDB] "and and" typo (Tuesday, 6 January)

ES6 and upgrading custom elements Anne van Kesteren (Tuesday, 6 January)

[Bug 27762] New: [Custom]: what happens with Unresolved Elements when removed from the tree? (Tuesday, 6 January)

pull request on custom elements spec Steve Faulkner (Tuesday, 6 January)

[Bug 27757] New: [Shadow]: how is the autofocus attribute supposed to be handled? (Monday, 5 January)

[Bug 27751] New: [Custom]: suggest note on requirements (Monday, 5 January)

custom elements without the dash Steve Faulkner (Monday, 5 January)

[Bug 25813] [Custom]: Throw Exception when EXTENDS and PROTOTYPE have a mismatch (Monday, 5 January)

[Bug 27727] New: Remove DOMError from IDB (Friday, 2 January)

[Bug 27721] New: Partial interfaces must not inherit (Thursday, 1 January)

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