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This is a very simplified and practical specification. As for me, I just graduated from Master of Science in Management. This article is related to my major and benefits my knowledge. Currently, it is also useful for me to search the job. The following is a short memo about this article in order to share with others.
 The framework looks like a Wikipedia. For example, it includes Abstract, Status of this Document, Introduction,Conformance,Scope. Gamepad Interface,Attributes, GamepadButton Interface, Attibutes,GamepadMappingType. Methods,GamepadEvent Interface, Attributes, Dictionary, Remapping, Usage Examples, The gamepadconnected event, The gamepaddisconnected event, Other events. All of all them are necessary parts for technical part in each proposal. 
 In Attributes part, each function gives us the definition and how it gives the contribution to the Gamepad. Especially, axes, of type arrayof double, readonly, then describes it as the statistic method to show how it works in the function. Although it is a simple product, the specification is very professional and easy for the reader to understand the product. No matter whether customer or user, you can gain the benefits in my perspective.
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