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[a11y-metadata-project] accessibility RDFS write-up

[a11y-metadata-project] pre-announcement: adopts accessibility properties

[a11y-metadata-project] Re: Accessibility for Re: Updated Wiki to cover proposal

[a11y-metadata-project] Re: accessibility RDFS write-up

[a11y-metadata-project] Updated Wiki to cover proposal

[proposal] Property: organizer (for Event) || Property: host ?

[public-vocabs] <none>

Accessibility for Re: Updated Wiki to cover proposal

Accessibility Metadata

accessibility RDFS write-up

Actions and Online Presence

An updated draft of the proposal

Civic Services Schema. GovernmentService issue

Collections [use case - Property: event]

Country, external ennumeration?

determining the source of portions of

emergency/crisis/disaster schemas

ESWC 2014 Call for PhD Symposium

ESWC 2014 Final Call for Tutorials

ESWC 2014 Second Call for Papers

ESWC 2014 Second Call for Tutorials

feedback on some Action subtypes

JSON-LD in examples invalid due to comments

MiniSKOS proposal: add Topic, an equivalentClass to skos:Concept, and relate schema properties to it.

MiniSKOS update

MiniSKOS update: back to "Topic" (but thanks for trying out the ConceptCode idea)

Minutes from the Novermebr 5, 2013 Accessibility Metadata Working Group call

New version of is in LOV

pre-announcement: adopts accessibility properties

proposal by Encyclopaedia Britannica

Proposal to include ISNI Service Down / GoodRelations Specification

Recommendation for new vocabulary item Actions - an update and call for review docs: minor issues for next update

Semantically marking up a "checklist" or process

status of the TV/Radio proposal

strange identifiers in


Suggestion/question for improving datePublished example

Support non-commercial usage of - RDF(S) patch

Updated Wiki to cover proposal

UserInteraction vs. InteractAction

webschema-ISSUE-25 (Yuliya Tikhokhod): audience and typicalAgeRange in CreativeWork [Feedback on]

webschema-ISSUE-26 (contentLocation): contentLocation is ambiguous

webschema-ISSUE-27 (Housekeeping): has accumulated some clutter - needs a plan for tidying up archaic vocab and other bugs [Feedback on]

webschema-ISSUE-28 (non-type examples): should show examples on per-property and per-enumeration pages [Feedback on]

webschema-ISSUE-29 (Descriptions ending with '.''?): should decide whether documentation strings end with '.' or not. [Feedback on]

webschema-ISSUE-30 (MiniSKOS): should define how to use SKOS-like vocabularies [SKOS proposals to]

webschema-ISSUE-31 (MiniSKOS-LRMI): miniSKOS proposal needs careful design for LRMI targetUrl property [SKOS proposals to]

webschema-ISSUE-32 (Obsolete action vocab):'s original vocabulary around actions needs update/integration/deprecation [Feedback on]

Why are references at and google developers not consistent?

wishlists using Offer, Demand, Product, seeks, makesOffer, attribution

word clouds in

ESWC 2014 Final Call for Workshops

ESWC 2014 Second Call for Workshops

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