Re: status of the TV/Radio proposal

I do agree that general-sounding terms should not be used for specific 
notions.  There are lots more such in the proposal, e.g., Series, Season, 
Episode, Clip.

It appears to me that there are several occurrences of this already in, e.g, the use of Abdomen for physical medical examination of the 
abdomen, Float for floating point number, and object for the thing acted upon 
by an action.

A solution, of course, is to use longer identifiers, e.g., 
areaWithinWhichUsersCanExpectToReachTheBroadcastService.   This can get rather 
unwieldy, however.   An interesting compromise is to use something like CURIES where a long name is abbreviated in a flexible manner.


On 11/07/2013 09:16 AM, Karen Coyle wrote:
> Can't help you with your question, but a quick glance turned up this:
>      Add property 'area', range 'Place'
>  with description "the area within which users can expect to reach the 
> BoradcastService"
> Lately we've been trying to avoid the addition of general terms (like 
> "area") when they're actually representing something more specific (like 
> "area within which users can expect to reach the broadcast service"). So 
> before moving this proposal in, we might want to look at it with that in mind.
> I would suggest "broadcastArea" as a better term, but essentially I mainly 
> care that the general term "area" not be used for this specific concept.
> kc

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