Re: Minutes from the Novermebr 5, 2013 Accessibility Metadata Working Group call


we are proposing a neat list of the properties we think are the best  
and a graph of how they are related - both should be ready in the next  
few days - and then, I guess, it'll be easy to write it up as  

Is this the right approach?


On 07/11/2013, at 3:46 AM, Dan Brickley wrote:

> +Cc: TV Raman
> On 6 November 2013 14:41, Charles Myers <> wrote:
>> We had another action-packed working group call yesterday, with a  
>> set of
>> tweaks and name changes applied to the properties and values. We  
>> also have
>> taken greater advantage of the extension mechanism on property  
>> values to
>> keep the vocabulary smaller and more manageable.
>> I've copied the notes below, and they are available on our wiki.  See
>> Note that these minutes are the union of October 29 and November 5,  
>> as we
>> reviewed and refined October 29 minutes in this meeting.
>> The next steps are that I'll be editing this into the next version  
>> of the
>> specification in the next few days. Be on the lookout for more
>> announcements.
> Sounds like you've been very busy! Will someone who is following this
> closely be in a position to produce an updated version of the draft
> RDFS configuration file we'll need for If not, let me know
> if you need help (presumably once the revised spec is out). The
> current version I've drafted is at
> Dan

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