Proposal to include ISNI

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Iım writing to propose including ISNI as a property for Person, and for
Organization. ISNI is an ISO standard that is nearly 2 years old, and
weıre starting to see uptake in VIAF, Wikipedia, Digital Science, ORCID
(they use it to identify organization names), Musicbrainz, and other data
sets. Currently, there are 6.8 million ISNIs assigned to names (6.4
million people, 400K organizations), but these numbers are growing with
new data sets. I think with these sorts of numbers, itıs a valuable
disambiguation/collocation tool for public identities.

We may want to also include other identifiers like ORCID, which is heavily
used in the scholarly/research community, particularly STEM. ORCID is a
subset of ISNI, with different assignment criteria.

More information is here: Iım happy to send around
documentation, slide decks, or answer any questions as well.


Laura Dawson
Product Manager, Identifier Services

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