Re: MiniSKOS update

> Hmm, ConceptCode. You might be onto something...
> * It is like EnumConcept I suggested earlier but less nerdy and awkward
> * It ties to SKOS Concept
> * It fits the existing vocabulary we have, i.e. MedicalCode
> * It emphasises that we're dealing with a level of indirection - the
> thing with URI isn't
> Linear Algebra, it's the Library of Congress subject heading code for
> "Algebra, Linear"
> What do others think? Bearable?
> Dan
+1  More than bearable.  It's perfectly Elegant.  And immediately clues the
average developer into the notion of "THINGS not strings", which is where
Guhu and I had agreement on with 'Topic' being perhaps a bit too generic
for this idea of "the thing that someone has classified somewhere in the

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