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On 25 November 2013 09:17, ☮ elf Pavlik ☮ <> wrote:
> Howdy :)
> I noticed some duplication (which causes confusion at least for me) between:
> *Thing > Event > UserInteraction* - "A user interacting with a page"
> vs.
> *Thing > Action > InteractAction* - "The act of interacting with another
> person or organization." -
> including many specific types like:
> *> UserInteraction > UserCheckins* -  "User interaction: Check-in at a
> place."" -
> vs.
> *> InteractAction > CommunicateAction > CheckInAction* - "The act of an
> agent communicating (service provider, social media, etc) their arrival by
> registering/confirming for a previously reserved service (e.g. flight check
> in) or at a place (e.g. hotel), possibly resulting in a result (boarding
> pass, etc)." -
> *> UserInteraction > UserComments* - "The UserInteraction event in which a
> user comments on an item" -
> vs.
> *> InteractAction > CommunicateAction > CommentAction* - "The act of
> generating a comment about a subject." -
> On first sight it all gets me very confused!
> *UserInteraction* says "A user interacting with a page" and its more
> specific type *UserCheckins* says "Check-in at a place.". More generic type
> suggest interacting with a web page while more specific with real life
> objects?...
> *UserComments* uses term "item" (not present in
> )
> while *CommentAction* uses term "subject" (as in
> ?)
> I've checked
> but didn't find issues
> related to above.
> If i could provide feedback in some more helpful way, please just share your
> suggestions with me :)

This is very fair comment. A lot of the more recent actions/activities
work was in fact motivated by issues with the earlier UserComments
construction. Having said that, I realise it is not obvious to neutral
observers which pieces of vocabulary are new and futuristic, and which
are obsolete/awkward. The 'UserInteraction', 'UserCheckins',
'UserComments' constructs are the problematic ones which were there
from the start. The Action subtree is relatively new. It may still
change a little and we have plans to add mechanisms relating to
future/potential actions, and initiation of actions, but you're right
to draw attention to the confusion state of the current documentation.

I've created a 'product' in the webschemas issue tracker, for feedback
on Actions design, and added an issue there:

ISSUE-32:'s original vocabulary around actions needs
Obsolete action vocab's original vocabulary around actions needs



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