feedback on some Action subtypes

Please let me know if i can find better channel then this list to share 
such feedback!

** Parent type Action already has property *object* used in JoinAction 
examples with SportsTeam, MusicGroup and TheatreGroup. I don't 
understand why we make *Event* a special case and use *event* property 
instead of generic *object*.

** If I check in to a Place or Event they already might have *location*. 
I would find very useful suggestions, from people who implemented such 
cases, if they simply copy object.location into location?
** Example "John checked in at Yandex" links to Place using *location* 
property. I have impression that some implementations might use generic 
*object* property instead. How about convention: "Use location for 
actions only if different then object"?
** Example uses not existing object - type *Flight*
** Looking at properties from CommunicateAction I have impression that 
CheckInAction doesn't fit as its sub type.

** Example "John took a photo of Steve." puts ImageObject as *object* 
property where *result* property seems to fit more to link Image, while 
Steve would fit as *object*?

** Example "John commented on a blog post.", object=UserComment & 
about="ScholarlyArticle". My first thought led in direction 
object=ScholaryArticle & result="UserComment"... (result explained with: 
e.g. John wrote *a book*.) I don't argue that we should model it the 
second way, but maybe provide links to strong reasoning why preference 
of one way over another! (similar to previous example of PhotographAction)

** missing UnSubscribeAction ? (eg.

** missing UnFollowAction ? (i do it very often during online 
activities! twitter etc.)

** missing UnFriendAction ? (sad but happens ;)

** missing DivorceAction ? :D

I plan to look on other actions in near future. Once again, if you can 
think of better way for me to provide feedback, please let me know!

Received on Monday, 25 November 2013 17:08:56 UTC