Re: Civic Services Schema. GovernmentService issue


On 29 October 2013 20:48, Pane Fernandez, Juan Ignacio
<> wrote:
> Hi all:
> My name is Juan Pane and I currently have the taks of defining the metadata
> that will be used by the government of Paraguay to model its Institutions (I
> plan to use GovernmentOrganization schema for that), its services (I plan to
> use GovernmentServices for that too) and also the administrative procedures
> or processes (paperwork or trámite in Spanish) that are needed in order to
> access a given Service.
> My current problem is that the there is no way in the current proposal to
> add information about the administrative process(es) that are required in
> order to access the services.
> In my humble opinion, I believe this can be added to the civic services
> part, a class for defining the administrative processes, probably as a sub
> class of process, and a property to GovernmentService that will be used to
> list the administrative processes (documentation needed, payment if any,
> ...) that one would have fulfill in order to access the government service.
> If needed, I can collaborate with a first draft for that part. Note that
> there is no class “Process” or something similar defined anywhere in
> yet.

Thanks for getting in touch. This sounds interesting but since so many
different things can be thought of as "processes", it would be good to
start here with a concrete example.

Can you suggest some example pages (in Spanish is fine, but English
might help too :) that illustrate the kind of structured data you'd
like to capture?

We'll proceed with publishing the basic Civic Services vocabulary
soon, but it is always great to have practical ideas for further
extensions :)


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