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those exposures. If they actually provide URIs, great, but there is a great
> deal of exposed and useful information, best accessed via Codes, that isn't
> there yet.
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> Amanda
"that isn't there yet"... mostly it is just a matter of giving them the
right schema so that the providers CAN expose the Codes easily using  This MiniSKOS proposal is a step forward in that direction.

The ultimate goal is to make it easier for ANYONE to expose structured data
on the web.  That includes the old tyme data providers as well, that might
still have their code systems locked up, but perhaps now want to start
exposing them on the web as structured data to help the linked data
movement.  As Bernard says... and no matter the method, via URI, or via should have properties supporting both.

And with the current MiniSKOS proposal, I think we are finally at that
level for ANYONE to expose their own Concept or Topic or Subject of
Discussion.  (true, we are not creating super wide schema for all data
providers to use to take their entire databases and slap them onto the
web...that will never be a completely reachable goal, but at least their
controlled Concepts or as Stéphane requests...their simple URI expressing a
Concept with no code attached, if so desired.

+1 already.  Move forward.

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