Re: MiniSKOS update

On 20 November 2013 15:45, Justin Boyan <> wrote:
> I like it, and I like the 'codeValue' and 'codingSystem' properties I now see on . This allows markup for
> categories in taxonomies that don't have associated URLs - e.g.:
> { "@type" : "JobPosting",
>   "occupationalCategory" : { "@type" : "Topic", "name" : "Farmer",
> "codeValue" : "11-9013.00", "codingSystem" :
> "" }
> }

Yes :)

BTW the link above  still works but
maybe not for long, as I'm trying out your suggestion below for
ConceptCode. I know Guha was concerned that Concept looked too vague
and high level, ... but this feels more grounded somehow. There seemed
to be quite a lot of support for 'Topic' which I'm wary of losing but
it doesn't hurt to try out an alternative name.


To be precise on the codeValue example above, this is currently a
slight stretch, expects Text currently,
not a link; but it is reasonable to add expected type of URL there
too. I wouldn't try to model the coding system explicitly beyond that,
though SKOS is obviously applicable, and the skos: prefix is built
into RDFa 1.1 now if people want to go that route in their own data.

Ok so I've just added expected-type: URL to codingSystem, alongside
experimental rename "Topic" -> "ConceptCode".

> My main concern is that 'Topic' seems way too broad a name for this concept.

Funny, my concern was that it was too narrow, since these aren't
always really 'topical'.

> Rather than 'Topic' or 'Concept' or 'Category', could we meet the need with
> a more concrete name like 'ConceptCode' or 'ExternalCode'? (I would have
> said Code, but that's taken.)

Hmm, ConceptCode. You might be onto something...

* It is like EnumConcept I suggested earlier but less nerdy and awkward
* It ties to SKOS Concept
* It fits the existing vocabulary we have, i.e. MedicalCode
* It emphasises that we're dealing with a level of indirection - the
thing with URI isn't
Linear Algebra, it's the Library of Congress subject heading code for
"Algebra, Linear"

What do others think? Bearable?


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