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as others will want to use these terms, I think it'd be good to have  
the following description of each term, if possible. The list is  
derived from the lists we used in defining DC terms and it is what we  
will use in education for the ISO educational metadata terms - it  
seems to make everything very clear and to simply give rise to a  
useful structure for the terms. It also helps with RDF understanding  
of the terms which can be helpful to people wanting extensions who are  
not really sure of the rules they need to observe.

Property Name


Linguistic indicator



Content values




You ask about the property value 'text' - I think it is better to have  
literal and non-literal - and to make sure all 'names' etc are defined  
as non-linguistic. Others will know more about this than me - but  
that's what I believe is best....


On 18/11/2013, at 7:26 PM, Charles McCathie Nevile wrote:

> Oh. The page in question is
> and it covers the
> accessibility proposal for I'll annotate it a little  
> further
> in the next few hours.
> And the values expected are meant to be enumerated - i.e. the valid  
> values are the list of values as maintained in the wiki. Is there a  
> better Datatype for that than "Text"?
> cheers
> Chaals
> On Mon, 18 Nov 2013 10:44:59 +0800, Charles McCathie Nevile
> <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I updated the Wiki page for the proposal, to separate out the  
>> things that we hope to adopt in this week.
>> Note that I did a really rushed job (hopefully I'll have time to  
>> improve on it when I am back from the dentist later), and that I  
>> haven't yet done the work of annotating more clearly what we expect  
>> to happen with the rest of the proposal.
>> But I figured it was important to communicate at least this much  
>> instead of getting the whole message right before saying anything.
>> cheers
>> Chaals
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