docs: minor issues for next update

I've reported these problems with the docs over the past few
months, but they're still present in the latest 1.0d update. So I'll try
to consolidate them and hopefully they can be dealt with in a single
pass for 1.0e!

* - typo in "availablity":
   "A list of possible product availablity options." should be 
   "A list of possible product availability options."

* - invalid note in docs. The
   description says "NOTE: Candidate for promotion to ScholarlyArticle."
   when in fact the property was promoted from ScholarlyArticle to

   The same problematic note appears in every inline description of
   "citation" in CreativeWork and all of its children.

* still has no encoding
   declaration in the <head> element or HTTP header. This can cause
   difficulties for parsers.

* "antagonym" still appears in the descriptions of and other actions. This is being
   tracked at but
   was missed in the 1.0d update.

If there is some other process I can follow to help improve the documentation, please point me at it!


Received on Tuesday, 26 November 2013 19:27:22 UTC