MiniSKOS proposal: add Topic, an equivalentClass to skos:Concept, and relate schema properties to it.

"MiniSKOS proposal for"

This is a greatly minimized proposal for <-> SKOS
integration. I didn't make a wiki entry for it yet; maybe it's best to
add it to than make a separate

Essentially, we add one type 'Topic', we say it is an equivalent class
to W3C skos:Concept, and then we focus on identifying properties in where it can be an expected type.

Test build:

We add a range of 'Topic' to these properties: about,
occupationalCategory, targetUrl, applicationCategory,
applicationSubCategory, category, mentions, serviceType.

This would be our way of saying that (sometimes) the values of these
properties would take links into existing controlled vocabularies,
typically but not necessarily documented using W3C SKOS in (hopefully)
RDFa. By doing so, we make it easier for data to use
hierarchies of controlled codes, alternate and multilingual labels,
and links between such vocabularies.

All other information about a Topic would be expressed in vocabulary (broader etc.), most likely SKOS.


Received on Tuesday, 19 November 2013 20:22:39 UTC