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Generic LIST Element Proposal Michael J Hannah (Monday, 31 July)

Telnet and WWW Jonsm@aol.com (Saturday, 29 July)

Content-Type for HTML 3. Benjamin C. W. Sittler (Friday, 28 July)

Mime encapulation from the html script? David Stickney (Friday, 28 July)

re: HTML 3: Too many tags! kay@clri6f.gsi.de (Friday, 28 July)

Interm Style sheets Paul Prescod (Thursday, 27 July)

Style sheet subset Paul Prescod (Thursday, 27 July)

HTML mail?? Bob Thomson (Thursday, 27 July)

Content-Type: and existing browsers. Benjamin C. W. Sittler (Thursday, 27 July)

HTML 3.0 and the base tag proposal (was bookmark) Dave Hollander (Wednesday, 26 July)

ismap on plexus Walter Piovesan (Wednesday, 26 July)

Sentence MarkUp Benjamin C. W. Sittler (Wednesday, 26 July)

User Authentication Rick Colman (Tuesday, 25 July)

html precepts 869683 Gillespie Brandon James (Tuesday, 25 July)

One more note on LINK REL=Icon Benjamin C. W. Sittler (Tuesday, 25 July)

WS in TITLE Benjamin C. W. Sittler (Tuesday, 25 July)

Re: Content-type and suggested file extensions for CSS Mike Batchelor (Tuesday, 25 July)

Dynamic Document Ke Yin (Tuesday, 25 July)

development with out the manual... David Stickney (Tuesday, 25 July)

Multiple Stylesheet Notations Benjamin C. W. Sittler (Tuesday, 25 July)

Valid in-line image formats Mike Hoerner (Tuesday, 25 July)

LINK REL=ICON and other absurdities Benjamin C. W. Sittler (Monday, 24 July)

... 869683 Gillespie Brandon James (Saturday, 22 July)

IMG in HTML 3.0 draft mwilliam@cs.utk.edu (Saturday, 22 July)

IMG tag and allowed image types... Adam Thodey (Friday, 21 July)

homepage Zhan Jiangqiao (Saturday, 22 July)

VERSION attribute in HTML Benjamin C. W. Sittler (Thursday, 20 July)

Re: subscribe Tel +41-21-342-2935 (Thursday, 20 July)

Collapsed Lists Benjamin C. W. Sittler (Wednesday, 19 July)

LH (List Header) Benjamin C. W. Sittler (Wednesday, 19 July)

mailing list Gee Lam (Wednesday, 19 July)

Re: Proposal For Outline Markup Scheme For HTML 3.0 Keith Rettig (Wednesday, 19 July)

e: Colour: NCSA Mosaic / Netscape Steve Nisbet (Wednesday, 19 July)

In-line HTML files? Keith Rogers (Wednesday, 19 July)

Re color and processing instructions Terry Allen (Tuesday, 18 July)

Re: changing i to em lee@sq.com (Tuesday, 18 July)

IMG in FIG: Why not? Benjamin C. W. Sittler (Tuesday, 18 July)

mailing list Joel Sondak (Tuesday, 18 July)

color: NCSA Mosaic, Netscape, and HTML3 Mike Batchelor (Tuesday, 18 July)

Accurate user-based log file analysis Terry Myerson (Monday, 17 July)

Search Engine Help Michael Dinowitz (Monday, 17 July)

Preprocessing in HTML Ibrahim Mustafa (Monday, 17 July)

Psychology and usefulness Ka-Ping Yee (Monday, 17 July)

Targets w/in tables Linda Hemenway (Sunday, 16 July)

"Enhanced for Microsoft Internet Explorer" Mike Batchelor (Sunday, 16 July)

Re: Expansion of anchoring and marking: highliting brandon@sticky.usu.edu (Friday, 14 July)

Case Sensitivity in LINK REL/REV Benjamin C. W. Sittler (Friday, 14 July)

No IMG in FIG Terry Allen (Friday, 14 July)

Re: A good how-to write HTML guide (was: Re: Agenda) Benjamin C. W. Sittler (Friday, 14 July)

<P> TONY L. DONLEY (Friday, 14 July)

<IMG> inside <FIG>? Benjamin C. W. Sittler (Thursday, 13 July)

Re: Proposal for an Outlining Markup Scheme For HTML 3.0 Keith Rettig (Thursday, 13 July)

Questions on HTML 3.0 math specs Thore Husfeldt (Thursday, 13 July)

keyword tag... William Cheng (Thursday, 13 July)

archiving mail Steve (Wednesday, 12 July)

Proposal for an Outlining Markup Scheme for HTML 3.0 Keith Rettig (Tuesday, 11 July)

<CITE>, <Q>, and <BLOCKQUOTE> Mike Batchelor (Tuesday, 11 July)

<FIG> implies <P>? Mike Batchelor (Tuesday, 11 July)

page counts Alex J. Bernardin (Tuesday, 11 July)

How do I tab in HTML Staff (Tuesday, 11 July)

date&time on a page Steff (Monday, 10 July)

counters Terry Foster (444-5361) (Monday, 10 July)

counters WLemke8503@aol.com (Monday, 10 July)

HTML off-line editor Mike Sandburg (Monday, 10 July)

HTML off-line editor Pat Gordon (Monday, 10 July)

HTML Capability Matthew Lobaugh (Friday, 7 July)

WWW4 Paper Submission [was: Questions about the 4th Int'l WWW Conference in Boston ] Daniel W. Connolly (Friday, 7 July)

HTML 3.0 draft available in PostScript? Alessio Bragadini (Friday, 7 July)

Tables and Charts Alexei Kosut (Friday, 7 July)

(no subject) Julian Bleecker (Thursday, 6 July)

Re: Linking to style sheets (was Re: fwd:Fonts) Benjamin C. W. Sittler (Thursday, 6 July)

making old text publicly available on the web dba@althingi.is (Thursday, 6 July)

Re: fwd:Fonts Mike Batchelor (Thursday, 6 July)

How much can be considered "Server load"? Maurizio Codogno (Wednesday, 5 July)

Double mail rec'd Dominie Liang (Wednesday, 5 July)

Re: your mail lilley (Monday, 3 July)

(no subject) Yutaka Tsutsumi (Monday, 3 July)

Re: Web Files Manager Srivastava Nandini (Monday, 3 July)

HTML Primer in text format Frank Wang (Sunday, 2 July)

Using accept headers to distinguish clients Mike Batchelor (Sunday, 2 July)

Suppress scroll bars - an idea Mike Batchelor (Sunday, 2 July)

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