w3c-wai-gl@w3.org from January to March 1999 by subject

16 March Revision of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines available

17 Feb 1999 Public draft of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

2/4/1999 teleconference conclusions (items 1-12 of Techniques open issues list)

50,000 African American Email Addresses . . . .

8.3 Ensure that the content is organized properly.

[QUES] how to make forms more accessible.

[w3c-wai-gl] <none>

[w3c-wai-gl] <none> - Bobby


A different approach for web page accessibility



a.9 c5 and a9c6

about http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wai-gl-techniques-19981117.html

Accessibility (Conformance) Levels -- A, AA, AAA

AD:Family Reunion T Shirts & More

Add a checkpoint for "checking your work"

Add definition for "natural language"

ADV....Attention: INVESTORS!

Agenda for 21 January call

Agenda for Feb. 25 Conference call

agenda for tomorrow's call

ALT text in Introduction to WD-WAI-PAGEAUTH


ASCII art (clarification from last week's telecon)


automatic sounds

B.3.1 - Simple and straightforward language

blockquote and indentation

Brackets inside or outside A

Can you tell me



checklist ideas

Checkpoint 8.5 - Relevance to Nonreaders

Colour blindness and web design

Comment on Equivalents (including relevance to deaf nonreaders)

Comment to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Comments from Dan Connolly

Comments from Tim Berners-Lee about Web Content Guidelines

Comments from Wendy on scripts

Comments on checklist

Comments on guideline 13

Comments on guidelines

Comments on PAGEAUTH 2.4: Lists

Comments on W3C WAI PA

Comments on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

COMMENTS: March 16 Draft

commments on techniques doc.


Complex framesets

Complex tables - issue #2 from yesterday's telecon

Computer components

Conference call notice: Thursday March 11. 4:00 PM EST

Conference Call: Thursday, January 21, 1999


Conformance Claims

Conformance Claims (word-smithing grumbles)

Conformance Levels -- further comments

Conformance proposal re-drafted

Conformance proposal re-drafted (editorial FWIW)

Conformance Proposal Re-re-draft

Content negotiation

Counters as trouble zone

Create $50000 in 90 days at home

CSS guidelines

DHTML - thoughts and concerns

DTD declarations

dynamic content


Element index corrections for Techniques doc.


Evaluation results: Audience

Evaluation results: disability and assistive tech

Evaluation results: disability and assistive technology

Evaluation results: Examples

Evaluation results: Navigation

Evaluation results: new tags

Evaluation results: Priorities

Evaluation results: Readability

feedback on guidelines from DHTML developer

Frames (was Re: dynamic content )

Frames (was Re: Remarks on Checkpoints )

Frames, was Re: Lower priority of some checkpoints


FWD: feedback on guidelines from DHTML developer

Fwd: Re: Removing 2.3 Technique

FYI: Writing a Book on Web Accessibility

General comments on checklist

GL comment

Grouping and bypassing links.

Groups Most Affected By Violations of Checkpoints

Handline References in Guidelines [Was: Re: Last Call for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines]

How I Raised Funds for My Marching BAND

ignore last message - duplicate from yesterday

IMPORTANT: Revised conference call schedule

Interactive use of the WWW


issues (A.10.1, A.8, A.6.4)

Justice for Chile

Kenwick's Automax Division Reports Pre-tax Earnings of $.50 Per Share!

Lang attribute not P1 ?

language level vs. accessibility

Last Call for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Last round of comments on WAI QuickTips card

latest version, & telecon reminder

Legacy solutions and priorities

Lower priority of some checkpoints

Lynx URLs

math and science

Math and science.

Mathematics-related checkpoints

meeting next week

Millenium In Egypt

minutes from 11 Feb mtg posted

minutes from 11 March call posted

Minutes from 17 March teleconference.

minutes from 18 feb call posted

minutes from 21 Jan 1999 telecon available

Minutes from 23 March teleconference.

minutes from 28 Jan and 4 Feb

minutes from yesterday's telecon

minutes from yesterday's teleconference

Minutes of 22 March WAI GL teleconference.

Misstated Guideline 6


MS Active Server Pages?

multimedia comments

name, title of Frames; Noframes

National A-V Supply -- Everything for Effective Communicators!

nesting headers, title for AREA Re: FW: Comments on W3C WAI PA

New Book - "How To Juggle Women: Without Getting Killed or Going Broke"

New Book: "Brothers Beware: Games Black Women Play"!

New Revision to 3/16 doc: Suggested resolutions (deaf-blind, nonreader)

No Math and Science Guidelines


NOFRAMES - a good example


NOFRAMES is the right way.

NOTE Last look and comment before LAST CALL

Notice of a proposed special Working Group meeting.

Notice: PAWG conference call: January 14, 4:00PM Eastern Standard Time

NOTICE: Special Working Group Teleconference Calls

numbering lists

Numbering of headers

off topic (humour?)

Offline reading techniques

oops - small error in minutes

oops Phill

open issues (update from yesterday's telecon)

Open issues for today's call

OT: Grokking "grok"

Other issues

Page Authoring Comments

Plane Comments

Portuguese Accessibility Special Interest Group

Proposed Agenda for 22 March teleconference

Proposed checkpoint related to DTDs

Proposed rewording of A.1.1 - Alternative Text

Protecting Your Assets from Legal Attack

QUESTIONS on resolutions stated in Minutes from 23 March teleconference.

recommendations for future versions of HTML

redundant text links

Remarks on Checkpoints

Reminder of conference call: Thursday, Feb. 18

Reminder of today's teleconference call


renaming the guidelines

renaming the guidelines (issue #3 from yesterday's telecon)

Responses and Revisions -- Part 1

Responses and Revisions -- Part 2

Results of evaluation

Revision of Validation (Testing) Section

Revision to Guideline 16; Nonreaders; Reference Groups

Revisions to 3/16 Version: Nonreaders, Deaf-Blind, Impacts, etc.

semantic categories and markup

Separation between anchor links?

shortcut links?

simple tables

Simplifying the structure of the guidelines

Small technical point about ALT

smileys vs. ASCII art (editorial FWIW)

Some comments on the Web Contents Accessibility Guidelines (26 Feb 99 draft)

Some Definitions

Standardized terms

Status of Section C ("C.1 Validate your pages...")


Suggestions for Inclusion

Support for cognitive disabilities


TABINDEX - HTML Applications

Techniques: long descriptions

Techniques: other issues

Techniques: Testing

Teleconference call reminder: January 28, 1999

Teleconference calls scheduled for next two weeks

Thatch on jump around top links

The rules that get followed will be few and fewer

The Way To Advertising For The New Century

thought i would pass this along to the full list

toner sales advertising

Tooltips - RE: feedback from DHTML developer

updated issues lists

updated open issues lists posted

W3C Proposes Guidelines On Web Access

Wading through the front matter

WAI Membership

WAI Page Author Guidelines

WAI Page Authoring Guidelines


Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines released as Proposed Recommendation

Working Group Teleconference Call Schedule

www accessibility for non-readers

yesterday's teleconference - open issues

Your group could raise $5,000 to $10,000 per year

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