Re: Comments on PAGEAUTH 2.4: Lists

I heartily agree. As I pointed out earlier the lists are a bit problematic

The extra list information could be better given by the browser, in which
case it can be turned on and off when needed. And especially with long
lists, we could provide the user context information about the hierarchy
levels and navigation support on different levels when needed, such as with

Another thing is if you need to refer to some specific list item from the
text. In some cases, we might need numbers to differentiate between the items.

However, the sample list does not do even this very well. If I'm in the
middle of the list below with a small screen how do I know which is item
3.2 and if I make a note of item 2. staples because that is what I
currently see (or hear), how would  I know it actually is 3.2 without going
back and fort the list or keeping that in my mind?

1. Paper - 4 type   1. Envelopes   2. Notepaper   3. Letterhead
   4. Poster paper2. Pens - 2 types   1. Blue writing pens   2. whiteboard
3. fasteners - 3 types   1. paper clips   2. staples   3. Big lengths of rope.

Maybe the text referencing the list item could give enough context that
there is no need to go back to the list.  And if there is a need to check
the context of a list item, links might be used to provide the information.
And sometimes links could be used to provide the information needed.


Received on Monday, 8 March 1999 11:52:17 UTC