Re: Numbering of headers

Marja-Riitta Koivunen wrote:
> Would it be possible to change the headers in Techniques document to
> something else than A.N or B.N? I think it is somewhat confusing to go from
> Guideline A.1 to checkpoint A.1.3 which is then under B.7 in Techniques
> document or A1.1 which is under A.2. When going back and forth between the
> documents it is easy to get lost.
> Maybe the Techniques document could just use plain numbering, such as 1.2.3
> or add something like TA.2 or TA.7 to better differentiate from guidelines.

Hi Marja,

This is all easy to change in the document production sense.
I will defer to Wendy and Gregg's opinion about the numbering
schemes, however (this is something we've discussed before, in fact).

 - Ian

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