Re: Wading through the front matter

What Phill is suggesting is my personal favorite organization for a page.
Compare with <>.

However, there are many ways to skin a cat.  Another way is the technique
Thatch speaks highly of, providing a link that skips around the front

The way this document is set up, I am not sure we need a dedicated "skip
the preliminaries" link because the first page starts with a link to the
table of contents, and the table of contents helps you find the meat of the
document in short order.

This setup may provide a sufficiently short navigation path to the meat of
the matter, and may be sufficiently recognizable as that path when one
stumbles on it.


At 03:06 AM 3/20/99 -0600, wrote:
>Can we move the "front matter" to the back of the documents?
>Except for the "date" and "Abstract", I would like to get to the meat of
>the document sooner.  I would like to move the
>This version...
>Latest version...
>Previous version...
>Related Documents
>Status of this document
>to the bottom of the document and simply provide anchors in the Abstract to
>these sections.  This would help those who read the document serially have
>the same experience as those who read the documents visually and skip over
>this information unless really needed; similar to the way most readers skip
>the front matter in a book and go to the TOC or first chapter; similar to
>the way most sighted readers skip over the nav bars and advertising and
>jump right to the main content of the web site.
>For example the checklist document would sound like this:
>List of Checkpoints for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
>W3C Working Draft 16-Mar-1999
>     This document, which accompanies the "Web Content Accessibility
>Guidelines", is a checklist for Web content developers. Each checkpoint in
>the guidelines appears in the checklist below, organized by concept.
>This document is part of a series of accessibility documents published by
>the Web Accessibility Initiative. Additional information about the
>     Version
>     Related Documents
>     Editors
>     Copyright
>     Status of this document
>is available at the end of this document.,
>     Each checkpoint...
>Phill Jenkins

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