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This looks good to me.

Charles McCN

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Judy Brewer wrote:

  After reading the last series of comments, and additional discussion with
  Tim, here is a re-proposal:
  5. Conformance: 
  This document defines three conformance levels:
  - Conformance Level "A": satisfying all Priority 1 checkpoints;
  - Conformance Level "Double-A": satisfying all Priority 1 and 2 checkpoints; 
  - Conformance Level "Triple-A": satisfying all Priority 1, 2, and 3
  Claims of conformance to this document must use one of the following two
  1) Specify the document title and version; specify the URI; and specify the
  conformance level satisfied. Example: 
  	"This page conforms to W3C 'Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.X'
  available at," level Double-A."
  If claiming 'Web site' instead of 'page,' must define the site; or
  2) Use the following icon, with the specified alt text, linked to the
  specified URI. 
  Example: "<A HREF=""><IMG
  src="../[icon to be developed, see below]" alt="Conforms to W3C Web Content
  Accessibility Guidelines version 1.X, Double-A"></A>"
  This would trigger two action items: 
  * develop three (compact) icons consistent w/ W3C format, with text of:
  "W3C/WAI WCAG 1.X A," "W3C/WAI WCAG 1.X A-A," "W3C/WAI WCAG 1.X A-A-A"
  * set up a page to link icons to, stating: "Any document bearing this icon
  is represented as conforming at level [A, A-A, or A-A-A] to Web Content
  Accessibility Guidelines vs. 1.X, and the icon must link to this page." The
  page should also include links to the specified version of the WCAG
  guidelines, and additional resources.
  - Judy
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