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At 01:00 PM 1/13/99 +0100, Daniel Dardailler wrote:


>> I'm not certain why the language of the script matters.  The DOM is
>> independent, and is actually very mature, having released in a Level 1
>> specification already.
>> It's not the language that matters, but the ability to convey information
>> and present user interface.


>If you don't know the language, how do you parse the script ?
><SCRIPT type="text/ddscript">
>  factorielle(X) [  (0)=1 &&  (X)=(X-1)*X; ]


I have to agree with Daniel, here.  The language matters.  

Remember what Greg Lowney said about "making it easy, making it default"?

Well, the present scripting languages and the present situation where there
is no W3C or other broad community process controlling scripting language 
make it easy to do inaccessible things and do not make it easy to do it 

Moreover, to make accessible-by-construction dynamic behavior the default 
on the Web it is likely that some rules have to be put not only in the 
author tools but in the behavior definition language itself.

Note that this is the key question.  So long as the DOM just mirrors what is 
in W3C languages and the dynamic behavior is defined in language outside the
scope of the W3C specs, then the DOM can't do much to help us much with the
accessibility of Web dynamics.  It can only close the barn door after the
is gone.


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