RE: Lang attribute not P1 ?

It should be remembered that there is not always a "screen reader"
intermediary between the user agent and the text to speech software.
Indeed, some user agents are designed from the start to provide speech
output. I am not sure whether any of them supports the LANG attribute yet,
but they will undoubtedly do so reasonably soon. The user agent group
could introduce a priority 1 requirement to the effect that speech output
systems must offer the user an option to override the language choice
which is in effect. This would enable users to handle situations in which
no language, or an incorrect language, is specified via the LANG

Thus, I think there is a priority 1 issue here, but it belongs in the user
agent guidelines. For our guidelines, the existing priority 2 requirement
that the LANG attribute be specified where necessary, should remain.

Received on Monday, 1 February 1999 20:16:42 UTC