Re: Proposed checkpoint related to DTDs

I think we should state that the document needs to refer to the grammar in
which it was created (the machine equivalent of including the lang

Charles McCN

On Sun, 14 Mar 1999, Ian Jacobs wrote:

  I received an action item at the 11 March teleconf [1]
  to propose a checkpoint related to DTDs (and schemas) to
  the list. Here is the wording based on our discussion during
  the call:
  Priority: 2
  Text    : Create documents that validate to published formal 
  Comment : For example, include a document type declaration 
            at the beginning of a document that refers to a 
            published DTD. 
  I am not sure how to work Schemas into the checkpoint without
  it becoming unduly long. Perhaps we can mention schemas
  in the techniques document?
  All  suggestions welcome,
   - Ian
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