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On Thu, 28 Jan 1999, Daniel Dardailler wrote:

  > 1. Don't. Leave the user to follow a link to the new page [CMN:: I don't
  > know how well this will sell]
DD::  Since the problem is mostly confusion, as the page that disappears
  abruptly is usually void of information, I would say "don't" with a
  It's also bad design, should be done by the server, and it's really
  annoying when using the back button, as one as to hit back twice
  before the page move forward again...
  The checkpoint does not apply to instant redirects (eg PURLs) - they are
part of the medium with which one needs to become familiar. I didn't think
of suggesting them here since they are explicitly exempted by the
guideline, but maybe we should.

  > 2. Provide, first thing on the page, a link like "SLOW DOWN", to a 
  > of the page which doesn't change.
DD::  I don't think that's a valid approach, as the time for someone with
  disability to read and activate this "slow down" link is probably
  greater than the time author are willing their mainstream audience to
  stay on this page.
It might be valid if there is enough time, but i don't think it is very

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