yesterday's teleconference - open issues


Per yesterday's teleconference call, the following open issues were
discussed.  The 4 "in the works" items will follow in the next couple of
days as separate threads, thus no further elaboration occurs in this
e-mail.  We are in the process of updating the issues lists with the
discussion from the call and posting the minutes.

Open issues discussed:
1.  Support for cognitive disabilities - still open, summary in the works
2.  Needed definitions - closed, proposal in the works
3.  Renaming the guidelines document - closed, proposal in the works
4.  Emphasizing universal design - closed, proposal in the works
5.  Priorities and ratings - closed, leave as is.

The following two lists are the issues to be discussed in future calls.  

Open issues (of the guidelines document)
6. Style sheets in the guidelines 
7. Server guidelines: browser sniffing, content negotiation, etc. 
8. Math and Science guidelines 
9. Conformance 
10. Changing the priority of checkpoints 
11. Legacy solutions and priorities 

Open issues (of the techniques document)
  1.ASCII art 
   2.D-Link Reference for Browser Detection (UA) 
   3.Long descriptions on OBJECT without "longdesc" (UA) 
   4.Definitions for alt, title, and longdesc. 
   5.Using NOFRAMES in a BODY element. 
   6."accesskey" example 
   7.Definitions for "rel" values on links. 
   8.Color design guidelines and examples 
   9."d-link" with frames 
  10.Recommendations for future versions of HTML 
  11.Grouping and bypassing links 
  12.CSS2 vs. frames 
  13.Device-dependent events 
  14.The EMBED element 
  15.The LAYER element 

Please let us know if you feel that an issue is missing.

The next teleconference is Thursday,  January 21,  4:00 - 5:30 PM EST
Phone # (617-232-1038).

Received on Friday, 15 January 1999 15:35:25 UTC