Colour blindness and web design

In my capacity as Web Accessibility Auditor, a client has asked me to
prepare a 10-page report proposing a web design colour scheme readable
by people who are colour blind.  The report is to include:
 a section describing the 5 or 6 colour schemes for several home pages,
within a page layout to be provided by the client.  "Colour scheme"
includes the colours of the banner, navigation buttons, left sidebar
background, text and links.
 a section explaining how and why the standard was chosen.  This
rationale must be based on research, and derived from a method or an
authoritative, credible source.  The suitability of the colour schemes
for people who are colour blind must be based on more than subjective

Any credible information or contacts you can suggest would be greatly
appreciated.  As the report is due in approximately one week, time is of
the essence!

Thanks kindly,

Glenda Watson Hyatt
Communications Consultant
Soaring Eagle Communications
"Creating freedom and power through accessible communications"
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Received on Monday, 8 March 1999 16:07:21 UTC