Re: about

> What are the differences  between wai-gl-techniques-19980918 and the =
> most recent version?

Too much to be reported here I'm afraid.

Check for details (change files)
> WAI Page Author Guidelines

Note: probably to be renamed "Web Content" instead of Page Author

> WAI User Agent Guidelines
> WAI Authoring Tool Guidelines?

One is about Content: you get a file, you don't know whether it has
been authored by hand, by a machine, by fiat, and you try to assess
_its_ accessibility.

One is about User Agents: e.g. you get a new browser, you don't know
whether it's a Microsoft or Open Source product, you want to assess
how usable _it_ is by someone with a disability, natively or with an
add-on technology.

One is about Authoring Tools: e.g. you get a new HTML editor, and you
want to assess how _it_ promotes the generation of accessible content
and how accessible _its_ interface is.

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