RE: TABINDEX - HTML Applications

I'm not certain why the language of the script matters.  The DOM is language
independent, and is actually very mature, having released in a Level 1
specification already.

It's not the language that matters, but the ability to convey information
and present user interface.

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The issue of scripting languages has already been discussed at great
length in the working group and I don't think there would be much value in
simply repeating that analysis at this stage, given that the underlying
standards and technologies have undergone no significant change in this
regard during the past month.

Basically, the recommendation that we settled upon is that, since there is
no universal scripting language which is supported by every user agent,
alternatives must be provided to every document that employs scripts at
the client level. These alternatives should present the same content as
the original, using forms and server-side scripts to accomplish this
objective. It has also been proposed that documents involving scripts
should be made directly accessible, though little can be said in this
regard owning to the lack of standards in this area. Once the DOM matures
further, it should become possible to offer more detailed advice; but at
present I think the current guidelines are defensible as the best that can
reasonably be achieved given the current state of the technology. Of
course, additional advice can be inserted into the non-normative
"techniques document" as it becomes available, and may also be included in
subsequent versions of the guidelines.

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