Re: checklist ideas

I am! The resulting insert will be suitable for my book, which Judy and I
agree is a good thing to do in order to promote the WAI. My idea is to
include either the Tips and/or Checklist as part of the book jacket --
something a person can tear off. 

Something else that we should consider -- brailling the insert. When I
developed the VIOLD CD-ROM at Digital, we brailled the installation
instructions on the CD jacket. This worked very nicely and actually turned
out to be a "hit" with many of the customers -- it was perceived as a novel
approach to publishing. Reactions were similar to the reactions we often
receive when distributing brailled business cards. (This not to be
misinterpreted as "braille is a novelty"; rather, it's means for attracting
a wider level of interest).

- Mike

At 07:55 AM 1/18/99 -0800, William Loughborough wrote:
>I am focusing on the checklist document.  In the same vein as EO's
>"tips" card the checklist should become an item easily distributed at
>conferences, in books, with shrink-wrapped software, etc.  A (perhaps
>laminated?) two sides of a letter size sheet.
>To accomplish this we must address both form and content.  In the form
>described there is no need for the "Yes, No, N/A" area which if devoted
>to reformatted text would very nearly get the thing down to the size
>described.  The "And if you use..." type headers might be achieved with
>less waste space or even with color-coding or even eliminated with
>regrouped items.
>Anyone interested?

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