Add a checkpoint for "checking your work"

When I reviewed the checkpoints against the quick tips, I did not find any
checkpoint that addressed the last "Check your work. Validate the HTML. Use
evaluations tools and text-only browsers to verify accessibility." quick

Although it may seem redundant [or perhaps circular], there should be a
priority one checkpoint to
x.x Check the content. [Priority 1]
Use tools [2] to validate the HTML [or content markup] [1] and to evaluate
and verify the accessibility of the content.  This checkpoint compliments
the content developer reviewing the other checkpoints in the "Web Content
Accessibility Checklists."[3]

[1] add link to W3C HTML and XML validators
[2] add link to WAI ER tools
[3] change title of full-checklist.html
From: List of Checkpoints for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
To: Web Content Accessibility Checklist

Phill Jenkins

Received on Saturday, 20 March 1999 04:21:16 UTC