Re: TABINDEX - HTML Applications

I agree with Daniel and Al on this point: until and unless there is a
relatively universal scripting language implemented by most user agents,
it must be assumed that for a certain proportion of users, it will not be
possible to execute the script at all, and that an alternative version of
the document is needed.

I would also be reluctant to endorse any changes to the guidelines
regarding ALT text, which is based purely on the way in which some
graphical browsers present the value of the TITLE and ALT attributes. This
question has been discussed before and the consensus was that, due to the
variety of devices which may support HTML user agents, which may be
graphical, text-based, auditory, etc., the guidelines should not make any
assumptions regarding the manner in which the ALT attribute is or is not
presented by the user agent, other than that it can be accessed when the
user is unable to or chooses not to view the image.

I would suggest that the presentation issue is largely a user agent
concern that should be addressed in the u a guidelines.

Received on Wednesday, 13 January 1999 18:03:30 UTC