Re: NOFRAMES is the right way.

Would it be possible to propose a simple measure of frame complexity, E.G.
a frameset is too complex if (1) it includes more than two frames, and (2)
the contents of at least two of these frames do not remain constant
(in other words, at least two frames are referred to in TARGET attributes
somewhere in the collection of documents to which the frameset applies).

NOFRAMES is priority 1 for complex frames, priority 2 otherwise.

The essence of this approach is to set a determinate upper limit on frame
complexity, based on our assessment of what is readily navigable and
comprehensible when frames are treated as links in a serial medium such as
audio. The above example of a complexity definition is just an
illustration and has not been based on any research (obviously the working
group would need to agree upon a definition if this solution were

Received on Tuesday, 2 February 1999 19:39:42 UTC