Re: Evaluation results: disability and assistive tech

Chetz and Charles,

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Van: Chetz Colwell <>
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Datum: dinsdag 16 maart 1999 20:15
Onderwerp: Re: Evaluation results: disability and assistive tech

>I think it is a natural question to ask how many web users, or potential
>web users, are disabled, but I am also unconvinced it is relevant when so
>many of the guidelines are aimed at improving access for those working
>'eyes free' or 'hands free'.
>Also, I'm not sure there are reliable sources of statistics.

Perhaps it is good to stress once again that it is NOT important at all how
accurate statistics are but as Charles already mentioned and Chez agreed on
that many webusers are disabled in one way or the other.
So the real important thing is to achieve awareness about the keyproblems
and achieve consensus on how to solve, reduce or avoid them. That is what is

Even if the figures mentioned in this article pointed to below are true for
only 50% they are still impressive enough. The main problems are descibed
pretty good in general I think.

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