Some items from others passed on to me.

Mostly just editorial but some are not.

1)       7.2   change the word "COLUMN"  to  "LEVEL"  since multiple levels
of headers may all be in one column

2)      An idea that was floated was:       Layout tables use summary and
data tables use captions.  To make them easier to differentiate.   Or if
layout tables are marked in attribute or caption.. be sure to specify how to

3)  Define  "DYNAMIC"  as in 8.1

4)    add to the end of 8.3  " when style sheet or presentation markup are
turned off or not supported"  else the guideline doesn't make sense when it
is read without following explanatory text

5)   ASCII ART  -  definition specifies SMILEYS as ascii art.   Comments on
list said that it was not what was intended by guideline.   ALSO we should
include a chart in definition so that there is an example of 'IMPORTANT
ASCII ART"..   Readers miss the reference to chart in the guideline but look
at definition and draw their conclusions from there.


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