Accessibility (Conformance) Levels -- A, AA, AAA

Daniel Darailler wrote:

"For what it's worth, at the time this conformance schema was discussed, I 
suggested A, AA and AAA."

Eric now writes:

Daniel's suggestion has couple of advantages. It seems very intuitive. 
(This kind of grading or rating system is well-known in North America. I 
don't know how well it would communicate in other parts of the world.) It 
also recognizes the significance and value of addressing merely the 
Priority 1 issues by assigning an "A."

It would be important to set consistent ways of referring to the levels.  
For example:

A-level (or "single-A") accessibility rating
AA-level (or "double-A") accessibility rating
AAA-level (or "triple-A") accessibility rating

It might be helpful to generally attach the word "level," especially for 
the single-A level, since "A" can refer to other things (Anchor element and 
the word "A").

Perhaps what are now referred to as "conformance levels" should simply be 
called "accessibility ratings" or, more specifically, "W3C Web content 
accessibility ratings."
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Received on Thursday, 4 March 1999 10:23:50 UTC