Wading through the front matter

Can we move the "front matter" to the back of the documents?

Except for the "date" and "Abstract", I would like to get to the meat of
the document sooner.  I would like to move the
This version...
Latest version...
Previous version...
Related Documents
Status of this document

to the bottom of the document and simply provide anchors in the Abstract to
these sections.  This would help those who read the document serially have
the same experience as those who read the documents visually and skip over
this information unless really needed; similar to the way most readers skip
the front matter in a book and go to the TOC or first chapter; similar to
the way most sighted readers skip over the nav bars and advertising and
jump right to the main content of the web site.

For example the checklist document would sound like this:

List of Checkpoints for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
W3C Working Draft 16-Mar-1999
     This document, which accompanies the "Web Content Accessibility
Guidelines", is a checklist for Web content developers. Each checkpoint in
the guidelines appears in the checklist below, organized by concept.

This document is part of a series of accessibility documents published by
the Web Accessibility Initiative. Additional information about the
     Related Documents
     Status of this document
is available at the end of this document.,
     Each checkpoint...

Phill Jenkins

Received on Saturday, 20 March 1999 04:21:15 UTC