Re: Techniques: other issues

CC:: = chetz and helen, WC:: = me

>The links to the HTML 4.0 specification could indicate that they link to
>pages outside of the Techniques and Guidelines documents.
as mentioned before, we are working to ensure that it is obvious where a
link goes. please check with the open issues list on monday 15 march and
keep track of discussions on the mailing list to see how this evolves.

>Should Section 2.7 have a priority for the server-side imagemaps techniques?
we discussed server-side image maps at length at the working group
teleconference last week.  This section will be modified to reflect those

>Should the sections on 'Brief descriptions of images' (1.2 and 2.7) have
>associated Checkpoints?
The group began discussions on this topic during last week's call.  most
likely, it will disappear since the "title attribute in HTML is meant for
advisory titles (e.g., on a link, to describe the target). It should not be
assigned the exclusive role of providing a description of an image, script,
etc." (Tim Berners-Lee).  However, this is an open issue for the group, so
please watch the list for developments.


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