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At 03:13 PM 3/3/99 -0500, eric hansen wrote:
>Following is a suggested revision and augmentation of the material on 
>conformance claims in the 2/26/99 version. By Eric Hansen {EH}.
>Conformance Levels
>This document defines three conformance levels: {EH: Please note below that 
>the following approach avoids confusion by removing reference to priorities 
>in the titles of conformance levels}
>1. Conformance Level 1 (CL-1): Conforms to {EH: or "Follows" or "Adheres 
>to" or "Satisfies"} all priority one checkpoints. 
>2. Conformance Level 2 (CL-2): Conforms to all priority one and two 
>3. Conformance Level 3 (CL-3): Conforms to all priority one, two, and three 

This numbering is backwards.  If you use numbers, level 1 of conformance
must be the strictest.  The die is cast in the order used for priorities.
Don't cross up the reader by reversing your field here.

Sorry I didn't catch this earlier.  Thanks to Eric for making the
proposition clear.

Otherwise define an enumeration of adverbs, for example {essentially,
substantially, entirely} conformant, for conformance to all { P1 , P1 & P2
, P1 & P2 & P3 } checkpoints.

>Conformance Claims
>Claims of conformance must provide the following information.
>1. Content scope: The scope of the content that the claim covers, e.g., a 
>portion of a page, a single page, or a whole site. 
>2. Conformance level: Which level (CL-1, CL-2, or CL-3) has been achieved. 
>3. Guidelines title: E.g., "W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines". 
>4. Guidelines URL: The URL of the guidelines document, e.g., 

It must be explained that this is the "this version" URL from the document
and not the "latest version" URL.


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