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Luc Stepman wrote:
> What are the differences  between wai-gl-techniques-19980918 and the most recent >version?

The changes are listed at [1]:


> I'm working in Flanders Language Village/Lernout & hauspie (L&H). I'm composing >guidelines for creating accessdible webpages for visually impaired and blind people.

Please tell us more about the project. Note that while the Page Author
Guidelines have improved greatly, it is still a working draft and is
to change before becoming a Recommendation. Thank you for continuing
to track the changes.

> I rely on your "Techniques for WAI guidelines:page authoring".
> 19980918. What's the difference between:
> WAI Page Author Guidelines

This one is for people who develop content.

> WAI User Agent Guidelines

This one is for browser developers and other user agent developers
(to make their software more accessible).

> WAI Authoring Tool Guidelines?

This one is specifically for developers of authoring tools,
(to make their software more accessible, to promote authoring
accessible documents, and to ensure that the produced documents
follow the Page Author Guidelines).

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 - Ian

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