www accessibility for non-readers

Having studied the relevant parts of http://www.w3.org/TR/1999/WD-WAI-PAGEAUTH-19990226/  these are my thoughts
    Where possible sites should be transparent in meaning without the use of text.
    ~1-5% of the adult population are non-readers.
1.0  Provide text equivalents for text.
    ensure that the minimum text is used that conveys the meaning, with links to details.
    ~50% have a vocabulary of 2k words.
    Provide data in site titles (meta tabs) as to number of words used and readability (flesch reading ease).
    Provide a means in the common browsers for:
    turning off text labels (ALT) for non-readers.
    excluding complex or lengthy sites (1.01), conversely trite or youthful ones
    Provide tabs for text in HTML
Jonathan Chetwynd

Received on Tuesday, 2 March 1999 11:49:17 UTC