Re: Results of evaluation

Hello Chetz,

Thanks for all of your work!  These results are *very* helpful.

Which version of the Guidelines did they use?  I think that *some* of the
issues that were raised in your results have been resolved in the version
that was released on 22 February.  

I have a few other questions and comments that I will be making in the
threads of your other messages.

thanks again,

At 06:32 AM 3/13/99 , Chetz Colwell wrote:
>This is the first of 8 messages reporting the results of the first stage of
>our evaluation of the Guidelines with page authors who adapted web pages
>according to the Guidelines. The second stage is about to begin in which
>blind people will be asked to evaluate the pages created in the first
>Below is some background information on the participants and the task they
>performed.  We will start new threads to report our findings regarding the
>following aspects: navigation, examples, priorities, audience, and other
>general comments.
>Background information:
>>From both observations of participants and participants' opinions, this
>study has identified several aspects of the Guidelines in which
>improvements could be made.
>This first part of the study involved 12 participants who all had
>experience of creating web pages.  They were all university students,
>except one who was a school pupil.  The students were from a range of
>disciplines: 6 from Computer Science; 3 from Psychology; 1 from Humanities;
>and 1 from Engineering.  The average age was 23 (range of 14 - 35).
>The participants' experience of creating web pages ranged from a few
>personal pages to large personal sites, or having been employed to create
>larger sites for organisations.  The number of pages they had previously
>created ranged from 4 to over 100, with an average of 37.
>The tasks were distributed as follows: 6 worked with tables-plus-images, 2
>with forms, 2 with frames, and 2 with imagemaps.
>The average time spent on the whole task, including reading the Guidelines
>in advance, was just over 3 hours.  The average time spent reading was just
>over 1 hour, and the average time spent performing the adaptation task was
>just under 2 hours.
>We look forward to hearing your comments on the issues that will be posted
>in new threads.
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