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I cannot think of a guideline which is specific to Maths/Science. In so
far as the content is conveyed by images, animations, markup languages,
applets and complex language, i think the problem is already addressed. As
I recall the teleconference it was resolved that we would attempt
tobroaden some of the examples away from images and towards some of the
other areas, such as equations of various kinds, which are important to
groups who don't have a 'guideline just for them'.

On the other hand, Historians are not represented very well either. I
don't think the argument that visibility is important beats the argument
that accurately reflecting the requirements for accessibility as concisely
as possible is the best approach for these guidelines. 

Getting people to read the guidelines, and interpreting them for specific
groups, seems to me primarily the responsibility of the Education and
Outreach group, once the Guidelines group has given them the best possible
material. It may be that the EO group requests the PAGL group to produce a
specific interpretation for some group such as chemistry teachers, but
that seems to be beyond the scope of the current PAGL group.

Charles McCathieNevile

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Jon Gunderson wrote to w3c-wai-gl:

  I read the telecon minutes and it sounded like math and science (although
  math was only mentioned specifically) was NOT going to be considered for a
  guideline.  I think it should be considered for a guideline since:
  1. The first people who may be required the guidelines are people in
  education and there is alot of math and science representations in education.
  2. I think math and science issues are just as important as "blinking" text
  and animations. 
  3. Visibility is important.  If people do not clearly see math or science
  issues being addressed in the guidelines document, most will probably not
  go looking for help in the techniques document.
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