Simplifying the structure of the guidelines

I still think the current split in 
  A. Transform Gracefully 
  B. Orientation, Navigation, and Comprehension 

is arbitrary and uneccessarily complicating the guidelines flow.

It's all about device independence and transforming gracefully, and
orientation, navigation are just applicative aspects of this problem.

If I look at checkpoints under B1, B2 and B3, most of them are here so
that the "page remains usable - that is navigatable for instance -
despite user, technological, or situational constraints." which is
what A starts with.

OK, now suppose you can argue with me about what I just said, and ask
yourself how much of that argument is going to be relevant for the
target audience of these guidelines ??

I think a simpler and better Table of Content would be:
  A. Intro (talking about transform gracefully and navigation)
  B. Guidelines (numbered 1 to 17)
  C. D. etc. same as current

Received on Friday, 19 February 1999 04:41:29 UTC