Notice of a proposed special Working Group meeting.

As Gregg mentioned in yesterday's message titled: "NOTE   Last look and
comment before LAST CALL", we will enter the "last call review" stage very
shortly (possibly today). We have made a commitment to advance the
guidelines to the "Proposed Recommendation" stage by Mid May.  To
accomplish this we must hold a special conference call to finalize the
document at the end of the last call review period.  Therefore we must
schedule a conference call to be held on either Monday, March 22, or
Tuesday, March 23, 1999.  

I would like those of you who wish to participate in this special meeting
to contact me as soon as possible and tell me which of the two dates (March
22 or 23) you prefer.  If you have no preference, please say so.

Unless I hear otherwise, I will assume that the meeting would be held at
our regular time (4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time) since that seems to have
worked reasonably well for the majority of participants.

When I see a consensus, I will book the meeting and get back to the list.

Chuck Letourneau
WG Co-chair

P.S.  To get the ball rolling, I vote for Tuesday, March 23, because my
flight home from CSUN doesn't get in until 5:30 PM on Monday, March 22.
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