Re: dynamic content

> 1.  Provide a fallback page, mechanism, or other form of presentation for
> dynamic content
> (HTML examples:  NOFRAMES at the end of each frameset, NOSCRIPT
> for every script, server-side scripts instead of client-side). [Priority 1]

I disagree with requiring NOFRAMES and NOSCRIPT all the time.

For NOFRAMES, see 
(note that I still would like A.9.1 to be lowered to P2, I can't find
it in the current issue list)

For NOSCRIPT, I don't see what it would be required in the case the
information in the script is not necessary for the comprehension of
the page, for example a script that change the color of some button
when onMouseOver is fired. A.9.3 is better worded currently (only
required for important information).

More on SCRIPT and DHTML in fact: I think we can spare a checkpoint in
A.9 or at least of technique on explaining in more details what is
acceptable (I wouldn't say good) event management. See the message
for a start (generated HTML thru script and onLoad vs. purely
decorative script done with onMouseOver).

Another example that comes to mind is the case where the HTML event
mechanism is abused with one event handler for a whole table and a
script that looks at the x,y mouse coordinate of the click, vs. a set
of discrete events on each cell.

I agree this is included in other checkpoints as it is general
accessibility, but we could have a more specific checkpoint on event
and scripting, like
  A.9.7 When using HTML events and scripting, ensure this is done in 
        a way that will not preclude device independent navigation.


Received on Wednesday, 27 January 1999 07:59:15 UTC