Re: Techniques: Testing


>The use of a validator requires knowledge about doc-type etc, which authors
>may not know about.  A participant used the W3C validator on the
>recommendation of the Guidelines, but was unable to provide sufficient
>information for the validator to work properly.
>Potential solution:
>* Section 1.10.2 could warn that certain information is required by the
>validator.  And / or acknowledge that some authors may have to rely on
>other methods.
>This is a difficult issue since the Guidelines cannot provide instructions
>for use of a validator, but we wanted to point out that using a validator
>is not necessarily straight-forward for all authors.
we are adding a checkpoint that requires authors to comply with a published
formal grammar (DTD or schema) as well as indicate which grammar they are
complying with.  This also means that we will include some text in the
Techniques document.  

However, if the validator is not easy to use, comments about how to make it
more usable ought to be directed to the keeper of that page, Gerald Oskoboiny.

>Related problem:
>Viewing a page with images turned off is not as easy as it sounds if the
>page has already been viewed with images turned on.  An author would, at
>least, have to restart their browser, and may also have to clear the cache.
>Potential solution:
>* Section 1.10.5 could be more specific about techniques for viewing pages
>without images.
can do.


Received on Sunday, 14 March 1999 13:56:29 UTC